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We only provide project monitoring advice, meaning our clients have our full attention form a highly experienced, dedicated team focused on your project.

Glass Buildings


We act as an independent monitor for lenders that have a direct interest in a project but have no direct control over it's delivery. We liaise with lenders, their solicitors and valuers throughout a development ensuring they have a good understanding of the construction aspects of a project in order to accurately assess the risks that might impact on their loans. We advise when costs can be drawn down against the facility, and on the adequacy of the remaining loan to cover the forecast cost to complete. We report on every aspect of a development that is relevant to the lender in a pro-active manner, working with the borrower's team.


  • Initial appraisal report and work in progress monitoring

  • Expenditure verification and drawdown approval

  • Risk identification and management

  • Early identification of potential issues and suggested solutions

  • Distressed project review and recovery

  • Client presentations and training

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